Just like any other business, a music merchant needs to focus on increasing its brand awareness and staying relevant in the eyes of potential customers.  Your business is no different.  So how can you reach more people and make sure they find your music business interesting and relevant to them?

What are Buyer Personas?

Before we get too much farther, it’s best to understand what a buyer persona is.  A buyer or marketing persona is a fictional character that represents your ideal customer.  A buyer persona is NOT just a random collect of thoughts and ideas from everyone in your organization who thinks they know who your target audience is, but rather the product of a well-researched, data-based process that really makes you think about who you should be marketing to.

Why Do I Need One?

Do you want to reach the right people who are passionate, dedicated and regular customers at your business?  Of course you do!  There’s nothing worse than wasting your time by sending marketing messages or promotions to businesses or individuals who do not support or care about what your music business is selling or promising.

Creating content such as blog articles, social media messages and email marketing campaigns is easier when you have someone to target the message to.  Having your music retail industry buyer personas defined before you do anything else will make life that much easier when it comes time to reaching those who will most likely have an impact on your business.