Problems We Solve at Octave Media

The team at Octave Media has several years experience in helping get companies on the right track to making their website and content marketing efforts more consumer focused. If you’re experiencing any of the following problems, and you’re fired up to do what it takes to fix them, then contact us today and let’s talk.
HubSpot & Marketing Automation Tool Problems

HubSpot & Automation Tool Problems

“We are using HubSpot but it doesn’t appear to be making a difference.”

“I’m not sure HubSpot is a good fit for my organization.”

“Is Marketing Automation right for my business?”

“What is HubSpot?”

“Can I use other tools besides HubSpot to do inbound marketing?”

Inbound Strategy Problems

Inbound Strategy Problems

Does inbound marketing really work for small businesses?

“We need a content plan going forward that will get results.”

“We are spending way too much on PPC.”

“I don’t know where to get started with content marketing.”

“My website design is bad and I need guidance.”

“Our site isn’t generating enough traffic, leads, and sales.”

“We are blogging but aren’t seeing the results we hoped for.”

“Our organization has a poor online presence and we want to be an industry leader.”

“How can I get clients without cold calling?”

“What are the differences between content marketing and inbound marketing?”