Who We’re NOT a Good Fit For at Octave Media

Because sometimes it just wasn't meant to be...

Every company says who they are, what they do, and talks about their products or services. But almost no one talks about what they are NOT. This includes what type of customers are NOT a good fit for them. But we’re here to tell you: Octave Media is not for everyone.

Companies and organizations regularly contact us for help with their Inbound and Content Marketing efforts. Because of this, and because we want to save everyone time, we’ve made a list of the types of organizations we feel we may not bring value to.

We are NOT a good fit for your organization if:

You’re looking for someone to run your social media accounts.

Yes, we can help you produce the content that you will ultimately be sharing on your social platforms, but we do not focus solely on running small or large scale Facebook or Twitter campaigns. (We’d be happy to recommend a few other “friend” agencies who can though, so feel free to ask us!)

You’re looking to outsource your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

While our inbound services do include SEO as a piece of the pie, we tend to shy away from one-off SEO projects. (But just like social media, we’d be happy to recommend other “friend” agencies who can help you, so feel free to ask us!)

You don’t have buy-in from the top.

A company, from its Owner/CEO to its marketing and sales teams, must be 100% committed to inbound and content marketing. If not, it will most likely fail.

You are looking for help with a marketing automation platform we are unable to support.

We are primarily a HubSpot agency, but we are able to support a few other tool sets, including certain WordPress-based configurations, and Mautic. If you are already using a platform such as Pardot, Marketo, Silverpop, InfusionSoft, SharpSpring or Eloqua, be aware that we are unfamiliar with those solutions at this time.

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