ARTICLE UPDATE (JULY 2020) – Since this article was published, Nacho Analytics has ceased operations and refunded existing sales. We apologize for any inconvenience this article may cause.

First, let’s answer the two questions you’ll ask right away: Is Nacho Analytics legit? Is it legal? Yes, and yes. Nacho Analytics, the new tool from SpyFu, gives a deep look inside anyone’s web analytics – truly, any site in the world – and it’s 100% legit.


Nacho Analytics doesn’t use stolen data or anything unethical – It’s just a very powerful tool that crunches a massive amount of Google performance metrics down to digestible bites anyone can enjoy. Use it to see your competitors’:

  • Pageviews
  • Top-converting pages
  • Top-referring sites
  • Session times
  • Bounce rates
  • Top-selling products
  • Abandoned cart stats
  • Paid social stats and social traffic
  • Real-time site use by active users


There’s so much potential to be found in Nacho Analytics, we’re predicting that Google either shuts it down or buys it out. Use it while you can!


Curious about how Nacho Analytics could work for you? Read on.


How Does it Work?

While SpyFu won’t give up all their secrets, they’re pretty open about how Nacho Analytics works. Opt-in participants from around the world share web traffic info, and Nacho Analytics sorts it into useable data. The user views it in a Google Analytics layout.


SpyFu patented their unique system of sourcing and presenting complex web traffic information. While other companies may claim they can provide the same kind of data, from what we can tell, this tool is the first of its kind outside of Google Analytics itself.


How Do I Get Started?

It’s easy to jump in and see how Nacho Analytics works firsthand. Better yet, it’s free. Follow these steps:


1- Set up a free trial Nacho Analytics account.

2- Choose a website – your own, your competitor’s, …

3- Watch as Nacho Analytics loads it into Google Analytics.

4- View results and prepare to have your mind blown.


You can poke around and see all kinds of stats and data for the site you selected. It’s hard to believe, but you’re looking at the nitty gritty details of someone else’s site – user behavior, habits, conversions, sales, referrals – extremely valuable information.


Nacho Analytics is free for the first 7 days and has a 3-tiered pricing model to use it beyond that. We’re not affiliated with them in any way, but as digital marketers we think it’s well worth it.


Is it Accurate?

SpyFu says they’ve gone to great lengths to ensure the data presented by Nacho Analytics is accurate. They use actual web user info, which is then modeled to expand to the entire internet – the same way pollsters use sample sizes to represent a survey of the whole world.


Results presented by Nacho Analytics are always accurate as of about 2 hours ago, which is presumably the time it takes SpyFu to constantly monitor the accuracy of their tool’s performance.


Is it Anonymous?

Yes – Nacho Analytics is anonymous at the data level and doesn’t use any uniquely-identifying information, like people’s passwords or logins, to generate its results. Individual users of websites are unknown to SpyFu. No worries on that front.


For you, Nacho Analytics is as anonymous as the information you share while creating and accessing your account. You’ll have to provide an email address during the signup process, and a few other basic details. Their privacy policy explains the other info they gather from you, like browser and mobile data.


Oh, and if you’re wondering: Website owners won’t know you’re looking at their Google Analytics information. That’s between you and Nacho Analytics.


What’s the Catch?

The only catch we can see is that Nacho Analytics has a blind spot for mobile data. It’s best with desktop user behavior. So if a company’s site is heavily focused on mobile users, the analytics you see won’t be quite as accurate.


That’s not a fatal flaw, however, because mobile use has always been harder to capture in analytics. But it’s something to keep in mind as you make decisions based on Nacho Analytics data.


10 Things to Do With Nacho Analytics Today

Now that you understand the ins-and-outs of Nacho Analytics, let’s look at 10 ways you can use it today to benefit your business.


1- Lead generation. Look at site referrals to see where your competitors are getting their leads, and target those leads. Or, on the flip side, take advantage of the opportunities they’re missing.


2- Conversion. Examine their lead conversion stats and see where their weaknesses are. Adjust your conversion strategy to target those gaps. Look at their abandoned cart stats and see where they’re failing to take people all the way through the sale. Learn from it.


3- Calls to action. Look at their top-performing pages. What do you see? Check out their calls to action and see if similar methods might work for you.


4- Social strategy. Take a thorough look at their social performance. What’s working well for them? Refine your social media strategy accordingly.


5- Product development. Look at individual product page performance. Are they getting lots of traction on a hot item you don’t offer? Do you see any surprises, like a niche offer that’s hugely popular? These are all opportunities to develop your product/service lines.


6- Real-time strategy shifts. Make sure you look at your main competitors’ analytics over time and adjust your strategy accordingly. How do their weekend stats differ from their weekday stats? Is there a way you can tweak something at this very moment to come out on top tomorrow?


7- Timed rollouts. Consider rolling out new products/services at certain times based on what you learn about your competitors’ analytics. Maybe a Monday morning rollout would be ideal, rather than the Friday afternoon rollouts you usually do.


8- Timed discounts. Timing is also important for discounts and deals. During your competitor’s highest traffic time, could you lure people away with a targeted timed offer?


9- A/B testing insight. Use Nacho Analytics to peer into your competitors’ A/B testing efforts and learn from them. This helps you stay right on their heels with new developments.


10- Refine your marketing strategy. Take all of this new knowledge outside the Nacho Analytics tool, outside your own brain, and into your marketing strategy. Build this valuable new knowledge right into your marketing plan.


Have we made you hungry for even more Nacho Analytics? Octave Media can help you understand this powerful tool and use it to your company’s advantage. Connect with us today for a free consultation.