With it being only a month into the new year, it may seem like a strange time to talk about marketing ideas for Christmas. We’re starting soon because planning in advance is essential for success. Were you able to accomplish all of the marketing projects you planned for last year, or did the end of the year sneak up on you with many opportunities not taken? Don’t be in that situation again this year – here are 5 marketing ideas that will help small businesses make that most of Christmas, and other holidays and events throughout the year.


Segment Your Customers for Email Marketing

Creating and sending email marketing campaigns is an investment – it takes time and resources. You can ensure that you are getting the best return on your investment by sending emails to segmented lists rather than sending one-size-fits-all content.

Consider your personas, group your email list accordingly, and send customized content that aligns with each customer’s needs. It is also worthwhile to make a list of your high value customers. Big spenders, frequent referrers, and long-term clients should get emails that thank them, perhaps in the form of a special discount or early access to new products or services.


Give Back to the Community

Select a charity that you are already involved with or would like to be. You can collect donations, offer a percentage of your sales (of certain items or for a certain time period) as donations, or offer discounts to customers who donate or volunteer with the charity you have selected. Place a time limit on these charity campaigns to encourage customers to act quickly.

In addition, consider volunteering your services to a local charity or nonprofit organization that could benefit from your specialized product or service. Keep your customers informed about your offers, efforts, and progress – many will be willing to help spread the word.


Offer Fun Features for Families

Even if your business does not appeal to children, you can create something fun for them such as a coloring contest, ornament making contest, or cookie-decorating contest. Make sure that all participants get a thank-you and a small prize like a candy cane. If you have a physical location, make shopping or appointments easier for families by offering a kid’s space with toys, books, and even the supplies to make seasonal projects to take home like paper chains or snowflakes. Offer a few seats and coat racks for parents, too – being comfortable makes everyone happier.


Emphasize what makes you Unique

In today’s world of instantly comparable online shopping, it can be hard for local businesses to compete with the prices offered by huge retailers. If you can’t beat the price that big box stores (and even bigger fulfillment centers) can offer, how can you beat them? Do you have expert service? A more interesting and unique selection? The ability to create custom solutions for unique customers? An easier or more flexible return process? Highlight these factors in order to get your customers to consider more than just the price tag.


Measure your Efforts

This is one of the most important parts of your holiday marketing campaign, and it must be developed before you send a single email or hang your first string of lights.  Before you start your holiday marketing, figure out how you will measure your results:

  • Increased sales of products featured in your emails?
  • Higher value or more repeat shoppers in your retail store?
  • More likes and shares on social media?
  • Increased website traffic?

It can take some time to figure out what success will look like for your unique business, but it’s the only way you can track the ROI of your holiday marketing campaign. Use the results you gather to assemble an even better campaign for the years or events that follow. 


Next Steps

Are you ready to take control of your marketing efforts this year? If your goals include getting help with your website, content, social media, or email marketing, contact us today. We won’t even look twice at those Christmas decorations that you still have up.