How Much Does a Content Marketing Consultant or Agency Cost?

Content Marketing Consultant: How Much Should You Pay?

When it comes to inbound or content marketing, many companies see the benefits of the marketing practice, but they’re not quite sure what kind of ROI they should expect. Attempting to figure out content marketing in-house and implementing research on your own might seem like a more profitable route to take, but with so many companies using content marketing techniques, the need for consultants and specialists in this field is quickly a necessity.

When it comes to hiring a consultant for Inbound or Content Marketing, Octave wants you to understand the reasoning behind our pricing. We offer a variety of services that are available for a range of prices. Understanding the factors that contribute to the cost is the first step you should take before deciding what services will be most profitable for your company.


Learning Vs. Hiring Out

Essentially, this is comparable to the difference between insourcing or outsourcing your inbound marketing project. We say “learning” instead of insourcing, because you’ll be using Octave to set up a Game Plan for your inbound marketing; then, you will use your inhouse team to implement it. We usually say that setting you up for Inbound Marketing success on your own takes about 6-12 months using our Inbound Marketing Advisor package.

If you’d like to completely outsource your inbound marketing rather than try to hand over the responsibility to your staff, our Inbound Market Accelerator is more your speed. This package sets up a Game Plan for your inbound marketing just as our advisor package does, but Octave will maintain the responsibility of completing and tracking your inbound marketing.

You can probably already see which package is going to cost you more. On a monthly basis, outsourcing your inbound marketing will cost more, but it will also keep you and your employees from handling any additional tasks that will be piled on to your already full plates. After all, just because you’ve added inbound marketing to the mix, it doesn’t mean your other tasks will go away.


Inbound Marketing Tasks

Another cost factor for both of Octave’s Inbound Marketing packages is how many content marketing tasks your company plans to achieve. Are you intending to write eBooks, white papers, and other long-form content? Do you already have a website that is set up well but needs additional content for search engine optimization? Would you like to have access to a blogger to add consistent new content? Does your social media need an overhaul, or do you need someone to constantly monitor your social media sites?

Depending on the answer to these and other questions, your price per month will be higher or lower. You may have a higher cost initially per month while everything is getting set up and websites are being redesigned, while later on, when it is more about creating new content and updating regularly on social media, prices may come down.

The Advisor package from Octave is more consistent; you have a finite amount of time you’ll have consulting services before your hand over your inbound marketing to your inhouse staff.

At Octave, our prices start at $600 per month for our Inbound Marketing Advisors, and they go to $1,700 and up for our Inbound Marketing Accelerators, both depending on your budget and needs.

Inbound Marketing Advisor

The Inbound Marketing Advisor offers inbound marketing strategy, consulting and coaching to your business. It’s a great way to implement your Inbound GamePlan using your in-house marketing team and have Octave Media guide the process through weekly or bi-weekly strategy sessions.

This option is an effective way to get started with “inbound marketing training wheels” and keeps your team accountable with a guided process.

The Inbound Marketing Advisor starts at $600 per month and is based on the frequency of consulting sessions.

Inbound Marketing Accelerator

The Inbound Marketing Accelerator is a complete, done-for-you, full service inbound marketing option. Our team has the ability to scale to match your needs and help you as much or as little as you want, for as long as you need us.

So how much should you expect to invest in full service implementation? Like other agencies, it isn’t exactly free. However, we try our best to be accommodating by pricing our services at an affordable value.

The Inbound Marketing Accelerator can range from $1,700 to $4,500 per month, depending on your specific needs and available budget.

Grow Your Business with Inbound Marketing

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