SN3 Innovations

SN3 Innovations – Achieving True Sound Activation Mode in Entertainment Lighting

Episode 1 of Behind the Backline

Greg Notaro Shares His Brand’s Story and How They Achieved True Sound Activation Mode in their New Lighting Products

Show Notes

Are you a DJ or lighting technician who is sick of not having “true sound activation mode” on your fixtures? Do you get frustrated with having to manually assign DMX addresses to each fixture every time you setup your equipment? Do you wish your lighting gear could be setup wirelessly and effortlessly?

Greg Notaro, co-founder of SN3 Innovations Lighting Entertainment, joins Matt Jacoby of Octave Media in our first-ever podcast episode of Behind the Backline. After meeting Greg at the 2018 Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, California this past January, we learned a great deal about the limitations that come with most professional entertainment lighting products on the market today and what SN3 Innovations has engineered to solve these issues.

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