Broadjam - Giving Independent Musicians Opportunities for Placement in Radio, Film and TV

Broadjam – Giving Musicians Opportunities for Placement in Radio, Film and TV

Episode 19 of Behind the Backline

Broadjam – Giving Independent Musicians Opportunities for Placement in Radio, Film and TV

Show Notes

It can be hard for lesser-known bands and musicians to get a foothold in several areas of the music industry without having the right connections or, as old school as it sounds, a record label. This is true when it comes to trying to get licensing agreements to place their music in radio, film, TV shows, advertising campaigns, and video games.

But what if there was a social network built specifically for that reason? What if bands and artists could connect with each other, build relationships, collaborate, and easily find music licensing opportunities to help support their revenue goals?

Broadjam, founded in 1999, is one of the world’s largest and oldest music community websites that provides services aimed at independent musicians and bands. The website is home to over 500,000 searchable songs and over 190,000 artists from all over the world.

To help independent musicians find opportunities, Broadjam holds a variety of sponsored contests throughout the year with the purpose of exposing and rewarding the best in musicianship and songwriting. These songs can go on to receive placement in major media campaigns on the radio, TV, film and even video games.

Music industry professionals also use the Broadjam service to find music for feature films, TV and commercials, plus they take will take part in select Broadjam contests to help determine winners and placements. Major record labels use Broadjam’s music encoding service to encode, catalog and control music metadata.

Broadjam also offers professional services to industry customers, including their online system for tallying votes in popular music award ceremonies, from the popular Academy of Country Music Awards all the way back Broadjam’s backyard in Madison, Wisconsin for the annual Madison Area Music Awards. Their knowledge and expertise has been trusted by clients such as Warner/Chappell, Advanced Micro Devices, Peavey, Yamaha and more.

Roy Elkins, founder and president, joins us in this episode to share his story with us about how Broadjam came about, his experiences and time in the music industry, his past employment at Ensoniq Corporation and Sonic Foundry that gave him a foundation and the connections to establish Broadjam, and his love of continuously giving back to the music industry at both the local and national levels.


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Roy Elkins and Mike Huberty talk about the 2018 Between the Waves Music Conference in Madison, Wisconsin (held June 2018)