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Behind the Backline is the podcast where we chat with merchants, brands and industry professionals in the musical instrument, pro audio and event technology space about their products, services, industry trends, stories, and more. Join us as we dig into the stories behind our favorite backline gear.

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Behind the Backline, Episode 36: Michael Molenda


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Behind the Backline, Episode 38: Booklive App and Dream City Music

Ep38: Booklive – A Lifelong Calling to Serve & Make a Living in Music

Jared Judge, owner and founder of Dream City Music and the Booklive app, joins us in this episode to share his musically enchanted story.
Behind the Backline, Episode 37: Dave Hillis

Ep37: Dave Hillis – From Aspiring Musician to Multi-Platinum Recording Engineer

Dave Hillis, a multi-platinum recording engineer who worked in Seattle during the grunge era on 90’s, joins us in this episode to share his story.
Behind the Backline, Episode 36: Michael Molenda

Ep36: Michael Molenda – Guitar Player Magazine, Music Journalism & Beyond

Michael Molenda, former Editor-in-Chief of Guitar Player Magazine and Founder of Guardians of Guitar, joins us in this episode to share his journey.

Behind the Backline, Episode 35: Bluesman Vintage Guitars

Ep35: Bluesman Vintage Guitars – A Family Business Powered by Passion and Fate

John Scott of Bluesman Vintage Guitars joins us in this episode to share his incredible story of how he established his first business building guitars.
Behind the Backline, Episode 34: Capital Music Gear

Ep34: Capital Music Gear – An Online Music Gear Store With Heart

Cory Borgen of joins us in this episode to share with us how he merged his background in music with his career experience in retail.

Behind the Backline, Episode 33: Death By Audio

Ep33: Death By Audio - Effect Pedals That Cause Total Sonic Annihilation

Oliver Ackermann, founder of Death By Audio, joins us in this episode to talk about the story behind Death By Audio, how he taught himself to solder, and cats.

Behind the Backline, Episode 32: Baldman Percussion

Ep32: Baldman Percussion - Pushing the Drumming Boundaries With “Junk"

First of all, 3 drummers on a podcast don’t make a right. But they do make the occasional awful pun and have lots of fun! Hell, they even rhyme sometimes!

Behind the Backline, Episode 31: Chance Productions

Ep31: Chance Productions - Chasing Your Dream in a Tale of Two Cities

Every business story comes from humble beginnings of some kind. This one includes a supportive spouse and a desire to never work in a grocery store again.

Behind the Backline, Episode 30: Drumnetics

Ep30: Drumnetics – Beating New Life Into The Bass Drum Pedal

Michael Van Dyk joins us in this episode to talk about the years he held onto an idea he had regarding the use of magnetism in a bass drum pedal configuration.

Behind the Backline, Episode 29: CenterStaging

Ep29: CenterStaging – Providing Backline Gear For the Greatest Shows on Earth

While most every day people probably haven’t heard of CenterStaging, there’s a pretty good chance that the majority of them have seen their work and gear.

Behind the Backline, Episode 28: Carolina Drumworks

Ep28: Carolina Drumworks – Deeper Appreciation for Drums Through Building

For some, the art of drum building is serious business, and they have a strong passion with the science, materials, sound, and craftsmanship in each drum.

Behind the Backline, Episode 27: Independent Drum Lab

Ep27: INDe Drum Lab – Crafting a Better Drum by Building on a Legend

Josh Allen of Independent Drum Lab shares his story, how he worked and learned at Ludwig, and why he decided to start his own drum business.

Behind the Backline, Episode 26: DrumART

Ep26: DrumART – Custom Bass Drum Heads to Make Your Drummer (More) Important

Jim Feck of shares the story of how the operation got its start, how he responds to people who ask “what do you do for a living”, and more.

Behind the Backline, Episode 25: Lords of the Trident

Ep25: Lords of the Trident – The Most Metal Backline That’s 700 Years in the Making

Imagine if 700 years ago you were hosting a concert that was giving out free rats for every ticket and you accidentally caused the Bubonic Plague? What Now?

Behind the Backline, Episode 24: Sugar Percussion

Ep24: Sugar Percussion - Premium Drums Inspired by Family and Furniture Making

Behind every Sugar drum is 20+ years experience with woodworking, quality wood selection, and a passion to create high quality products.

Behind the Backline, Episode 23: Mahalo Amps

Ep23: Mahalo Amps - Quality Guitar Amps Born From a Single Quality Doorstop

Most companies can trace their origins back to a story of when their founder had an idea and how it evolved to become the company we know and admire.

Behind the Backline, Episode 22: Dream Cymbals and Gongs

Ep22: Dream Cymbals & Gongs - High Quality Cymbals Born From a Grass Roots Movement

Dream started out as a boutique cymbal brand, rooted first in producing high quality gongs and orchestral cymbals at a more affordable price point.

Behind the Backline, Episode 21: Istanbul Mehmet

Ep21: Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals - 100% Hand-Crafted Cymbals from Turkey

Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals is one of the few brands that can honestly say that the old way is the best way, still creating each cymbal by hand and hammer.

Behind the Backline, Episode 20: Live Undiscovered Music

Ep20: Live Undiscovered Music (LÜM) - Music Streaming for the Other 90%

Live Undiscovered Music helps give bands and fans the chance to experience a much larger catalog of music than you will ever find on Spotify or Pandora.

Behind the Backline, Episode 19: Broadjam

Ep19: Broadjam - Giving Musicians Opportunities for Placement in Media is one of the world’s largest and oldest music community websites that provides services aimed at independent musicians and bands.

Behind the Backline, Episode 18: DynaMount

Ep18: DynaMount - Bringing Engineering Back to Sound Engineering

In the good ol’ days, songs and albums were recorded without technology like compression. At that time, microphone positioning was everything.

Behind the Backline, Episode 17: Drumeo & Musora

Ep17: Drumeo - Making Music Education Online as Easy as Netflix

Taking online lessons for anything requires a lot of self-discipline, especially since your online instructor can’t necessarily hold you accountable like an in-person instructor.

Behind the Backline, Episode 16: Flattley Guitar Pedals

Ep16: Flattley Guitar Pedals - Highly Personalized, Custom Guitar Pedals

Flattley Guitar Pedals is a small family run company in the UK. Each pedal is created by hand, given a personalized touch, and rigorously tested.

Behind the Backline, Episode 15: Beier Snare Drums

Ep15: Beier Drums – Custom Snare Drums from the Land of Beer and Cheese

Getting a compliment on the way your drum sounds in a crowded and noisy venue without even seeing what drum it is? Best compliment ever.

Behind the Backline, Episode 14: SJC Custom Drums

Ep14: SJC Drums – Custom Drums as Unique as the Drummers that Play Them

SJC Drums began as a drum refurbishing hobby in grandma’s basement in 2000. Today it’s a company that prides itself on crafting high-quality drums.

Behind the Backline, Episode 13: Audiofusion

Ep13: Audiofusion - Turn Your Mobile Device into a Wireless Monitoring System

Musicians love their wireless in-ear monitoring systems. But why do we need to have a separate wireless monitor system AND your phone?

Behind the Backline, Episode 12: Wampler Pedals

Ep12: Wampler Pedals - World Class Guitar Tones Through Experimentation

If you’re a guitar player, you already know there is an endless array of available guitar pedals that seems to provide any sound or tone you are looking for. But what if there isn’t?

Behind the Backline, Episode 11: Blipblox

Ep11: Blipblox - Music Through Creativity and Audio Exploration

Introducing the Blipblox, a synthesizer and beatbox designed to promote creativity and audio exploration for children as young as 3 years old.

Behind the Backline, Episode 10: SMASHmouse

Ep10: SMASHmouse - Giving You the Power to Kick It to Click It!

As technology and music continue to mesh and evolve, musicians sometimes find themselves in new and awkwardly frustrating situations.

Behind the Backline, Episode 8: Drum Wallet

Ep9: Frettable - Combining Artificial Intelligence with Songwriting

Greg Burlet joins us to share his story about how he created Frettable, why he was inspired to develop it, and how it is making an impact on the songwriting industry.

Behind the Backline, Episode 8: Drum Wallet

Ep8: The Drum Wallet - Expanding Your Drum Sounds with the Flick of a Stick

The Drum Wallet and the Pocket Watch are simple, yet powerful products that hang from your drum and give you the option to flick it onto to the drum or flip if off to change the sound.

Behind the Backline, Episode 7: Signal Flow

Ep7: Signal Flow - Making Stage Plotting & Setup More Efficient

If you’re an audio engineer looking for an end to the evil plots (pun intended), you’ll want to check out the cloud-based Signal Flow app!

Behind the Backline, Episode 6: Fano Guitars

Ep6: Fano Guitars - Crafting the Ultimate Boutique Guitar

After working for 30 years at one of the biggest names in guitars, it can be hard to accept retirement. So what do you do? Start a new guitar business!

Behind the Backline, Episode 5: DrumLite

Ep5: DrumLite - Giving the Drummer Some With LED Lighting

Drum solos are so last year! Drummers need to continuously find new ways to stand out, demonstrate their worth, and get their share of the love from fans.

Behind the Backline, Episode 4: Welch Tuning Systems

Ep4: Welch Tuning Systems - Simplifying the Way We Tune Our Drums

What do you get when a drummer who’s had enough of individually tuning up to 20 points on a drum comes to his senses and realizes there’s got to be an easier way?

Behind the Backline, Episode 3: ToneAlly Drum Teaching Tool

Ep3: ToneAlly - Behind NAMM’s 2018 Best Teaching Tool

What’s it like to come up with an idea for a drum teaching tool just a few short years ago and then be named the Best Teaching Tool in 2018 at the NAMM Show?

Behind the Backline, Episode 2: Mukikim Toys

Ep2: Mukikim - Music and Childlike Wonder for Adults and Kids

Robert Sheets from Mukikim joins us to discuss “Rock and Roll It!”, the company’s musical instrument products and who they are for.

Ep1: SN3 Innovations – Achieving True Sound Activation Mode in Lighting

Greg Notaro, co-founder of SN3 Innovations Lighting Entertainment, joins Octave Media founder Matt Jacoby in our first-ever episode of Behind the Backline.