It used to be a huge hassle to launch a new website. You had to hire a developer, slog through all kinds of technical details, and invest a big chunk of money in creating an online storefront. Even after releasing the site to the world, glitches and updates were never-ending.

Luckily, that was years ago. New user-friendly platforms like WordPress have streamlined website design. Within days, you can now launch a professional-looking site that drives revenue for your business – all with very limited technical knowledge.


Did you know WordPress is bigger than Twitter? WordPress has about 20 million more monthly visitors than Twitter, and is behind 26% of the world’s websites, including high-traffic powerhouses like Forbes magazine and Sony Music. Although some web development purists might see WordPress as a “lesser” platform, that’s really an unfair assessment nowadays.


Every minute of every day, 300,000 words are published on WordPress and it supports the entire web structure of numerous Fortune 500 companies. Here’s why it could be a big help to your music retail business.


#1 – Access to Technology

WordPress is a richly-built site builder that offers all kinds of plug-ins and add-ons – but all the technology is hidden behind an intuitive interface that makes sense to non-tech experts. Your site is easily customizable, but you can make all the bells and whistles as simple or complex as you desire.


In fact, WordPress’ versatility works like a web department unto itself, helping you with tasks that used to come with a big influx of expense and time: search engine optimization (SEO), site backups, and website security maintenance.


Many of the site features that used to require a human programmer can now be handled by WordPress. For example, if you need a form with custom fields to capture information from new site users, you’ll be able to tweak one of the template forms offered in WordPress and make it right for your business.


Music retailers and brands can build out their site with built-in features like:

  • Data-gathering forms
  • Event calendars
  • Membership management
  • Staff coordination
  • Multi-user scheduling


WordPress also helps you fend off spam by monitoring activity and preventing spammy comments from interfering with your messages. Years ago, WordPress had a reputation for allowing spammers and trolls to dominate site comments. Today, they’ve addressed this issue and can catch about 99% of spam using filter plug-ins like Aksimet.


#2 – Generating Revenue

Just 5 years ago having an online storefront, also known as an e-commerce site, was a much more challenging prospect than having a regular website. Developing a secure checkout and payment system was an intricate programming challenge that required the help of a top-notch web expert.


This is no longer the case. WordPress has simplified the online checkout experience by working with companies like Paypal and Google Pay, which allow easy transactions from anywhere in the world. You can easily turn your website into a 24/7 revenue-generating machine with ecommerce plugins that are as easy for your customers to use as they are to add to your site in the first place.


All of this has hugely positive implications for your retail marketing plan. When you have a sale, the website can instantly be updated with the latest pricing and promotional information. You can even do exclusive online-only deals that won’t take away from your in-store revenue. WordPress is very flexible for music marketers.

#3 – Spreading the Word

WordPress allows you to advertise your business in a new and much more effective way – by capitalizing on the power of search engines and social sharing options. Your messages don’t have to be salesy or pushy, because your website works naturally to help you deliver the kinds of messages your fans prefer.


For example, use auto-update plugins to automatically share your new blog posts with everyone who follows you on social media. This saves your marketing staff a lot of time, and also ensures your latest messages are always popping up freshly on social media.


Using these kinds of tools, your messages can be timed perfectly to promotions, seasons, big shopping days, or special events in the industry. When it’s Grammy season and people have renewed interest in taking vocal lessons, you can make sure your messages about that topic are front-and-center on their social feeds.


Search engines will be attracted to your site. Any site created on WordPress is ranked more highly than one that isn’t, because WordPress has a strong positive relationship with Google. WordPress is the world’s most highly-ranked CMS, with 59% market share, so Google views this very favorably when deciding which search results to put at the top of the list.


Plus, WordPress can translate any of its pages into 62 languages. This means you can spread the word all over the world, without ever worrying about translation issues.


#4 – Gathering Data

Do you use your website as a source of data? WordPress provides a goldmine of helpful analytics for your business. WordPress analytics plug-ins can help you sort and understand the information your site is gathering about site visitors.

For example, you can find out how most people are running across your site for the first time, and see the first thing they do when they arrive. You can discover which of your pages are struggling to keep visitors engaged and whether your calls-to-action are working.

This has the potential to reshape the way you make decisions about the future of your business. Instead of guessing, you have hard data available that guides you in strategic planning.

Analytics help your music company:

  • Plan site improvements
  • Decide where to invest marketing dollars
  • Communicate better internally
  • Set customer service priorities
  • Understand customer desires and behavior
  • React quickly to issues before they become persistent problems
  • Drive consistent revenue

The Traditional Web Development Process is Broken

If you’re ready to develop a website using WordPress, turn to Octave Media. We believe the traditional way of developing sites is flawed, and the entire process is much smoother when you work with a marketing company that specializes in music retail.