They Ask You Answer: Our Inbound Philosophy

Every great company has a set of core beliefs, values and a philosophy as to how it conducts business and delivers a great experience to its customers. For Octave Marketing, this philosophy is known as “They Ask, You Answer”.

The Story Behind “They Ask, You Answer”

“They Ask, You Answer” is nothing new. It’s exactly as it says: your customers have questions, you give them answers. But it’s a philosophy and approach (and now a book) developed and humanized by Marcus Sheridan, owner of fellow inbound agency The Sales Lion.

The idea is simple. Put yourself into your customers’ shoes and put their needs first. Today’s consumer has changed, using the web and search engines to do research on products and services before they buy. The sales process is no longer in the hands of sales and marketing, but rather the consumer.

By accepting this new reality and focusing your business around the fact that your customer now holds the key, it comes more naturally to provide useful, unbiased, honest, helpful content that places your business as a thought leader and the “Wikipedia” of your industry.

We live in an amazing world where a consumer can now do all their homework before ever talking to a salesperson. If you want your prospects and leads to buy from you, you need to be the educator that provides the information they are searching for and establishing a relationship before they even pick up the phone or use your website’s shopping cart.

They Ask You Answer: Listen To Your Customers