Pricing: How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?

Inbound Marketing Strategy & Consulting

Octave Media prides itself on helping your team walk through a complete inbound strategy process from start to finish, all while keeping your customer as the foundation of everything we do.

With the exception of Inbound GamePlans, all of our services are month-to-month agreements for as long as you need us. This lets you have the freedom to control your costs and means we need to work hard to show our value month after month. If you do decide that we should part ways, all we ask is that you let us know 45 days in advance so we can come to terms with it (*tear*).

Inbound Marketing GamePlan

Octave Media offers businesses of all sizes a complete inbound marketing strategy development process that will set your company up for success with inbound. In about 30-45 days, we will lead you and your team through a step-by-step project that covers metrics, audience development and campaign planning to ensure you can hit the ground running.

Our Inbound GamePlan starts at $5,000 and is determined by the number of audience groups (buyer personas) you wish to attract.

Inbound Marketing Advisor

Once your Inbound GamePlan is approved and ready for action, you have a few options, including the option to implement the strategy with your in-house marketing team and have Octave Media guide the process through weekly or bi-weekly check-ins. This allows you to get started with “inbound marketing training wheels” and keeps your team accountable to a third party.

Our Advisor Coaching Services start at $1,000/month and are based on the frequency of consulting sessions.

Content Marketing Plans (“Inbound Accelerator Lite”)

Sometimes a company or organization doesn’t need or have the budget for a complete inbound marketing solution at the beginning, and that’s ok! But we want to do our best to help those who have the passion regardless of why they can’t dive into the deep end right away. Some of our best customers start out small and work their way up.

Attract More Visitors

Sometimes you just need to get your blog and social media fired up and attracting more visitors to your website’s party. Our Attract Plan helps you kick off the first phase of inbound marketing for the budget conscious.

Our Attract Plan starts at $1,200/month.

Convert More Leads

If you’re looking to put your blog and social media to work attracting more visitors and want to build your email list in the process, then our Convert Plan is for you. This plan helps you kick off the first two phases of inbound marketing.

Our Convert Plan starts at $2,200/month.

Inbound Marketing Accelerator

While Octave Media specializes in inbound marketing strategy and consulting, we also offer full service inbound marketing options. Our team has the ability to scale to match your needs and help you as much or as little as you want, for as long as you want us around.

So how much should you expect to allocate for full service implementation? Like other agencies, it isn’t exactly free. However, we try our best to be accommodating to your business and its resources by pricing our services a bit lower.

At Octave Media, consulting and implementation services can range from $3,500 to $9,000/month, but of course it depends on your specific needs and available budget.

Grow Your Business with Inbound Marketing

If you’re ready to start attracting more visitors, converting more leads, and delighting more customers, the next step is to start a conversation with us. Talk to you soon!